About us

We have been in full operation since 1998 shooting and editing corporate, educational, and event videos for a growing list of clients.
Many clients require only single camera operations to complete their projects
The Outside Broadcast unit is available for multi-camera live events. The vehicle is a medium wheelbase Mercedes Sprinter and trailer combination, which reduces parking problems sometimes associated with larger units.

Six BVP-550/570P camera channels can be available coupled to the vision switcher and the Video Toaster 'live' hard disc recording, playback and editing facilities.
Recordings to any tape format from DV-Cam to DigiBeta along with direct recordings to DVD as clients require them.
Audio is handled by a combination of Yamaha and Souncraft mixers with full patching and distribution facilities.

Comprehensive wired and radio talkback facilities are provided along with lighting for presenters and interview sets. Specialist equipment can also be hired as required

Please contact us so that we may assist you in producing your next project.